Meet the owners of Arid Valley Mechanical, brothers Patrick and Riley Owens! The brothers come from a large family of eight children: Riley is the youngest and Patrick is the fifth child. They learned the value of hard work at a young age by working for their father’s landscaping company, which he ran as a side business in addition to being a public school teacher for nearly 40 years. From age 12 through high school, the Owens boys worked before or after school, on weekends, and during the summer holidays. This experience taught them the lifelong lessons of being responsible and working hard. It also brought them closer as a family.

Today, Patrick is happily married with five kids; Riley is happily married with two children and another on the way.

Patrick has worked in the air conditioning industry since 2001. Over the past nearly two decades he has had experience with residential and commercial service, in addition to new installations, custom homes, and large commercial installs.

Riley has spent the past six years working in the construction industry, most recently holding the title of Operations Manager of a large contracting company in the Phoenix Valley. He has handled everything from overseeing personnel, being the head of the safety program, working with suppliers, overseeing project management, quality assurance, fleet management, customer relations, and more. Riley is excited to be joining his brother in the air conditioning industry.

What makes Arid Valley different?

“Our families are what has driven us to start and operate Arid Valley Mechanical to provide for them and to use our talents and skills to provide a high-quality service to others and families like our own.” – The Owens Brothers

Arid Valley Mechanical’s mission is to turn every first-time customer into a lifetime customer through high-quality, clean work, transparent communication, and reliability.

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