Air Duct Repair & Replacements

Air Duct Repair & Replacements

Have you ever had your A/C unit serviced and been told it’s running properly but still struggle through the heat of the summer? This could indicate there is a problem with your ductwork and not the A/C unit itself. Most contractors will often overlook the duct system, thus causing issues for the future life of your unit.
The lifespan of your ducting system can be shorter than the lifespan of your A/C unit, which can create problems if it is not checked regularly. If you have had your air conditioning unit replaced, it is unlikely you also had your ducting replaced at the same time. This could mean your ducting isnow twice as old as your upgraded A/C unit!
The hot Arizona sun can cause the insulation in your flex duct to flake off and clog the system, making it heat up and become very insufficient, which in turn can result in your monthly energy bills skyrocketing.
Here at Arid Valley Mechanical, not only do we inspect ducting while doing routine service calls or a preseason checkup, we are also the experts in replacement and repair of your duct system. One of our top priorities is to ensure that your unit works at maximum efficiency – that also means making sure your ducting system is in perfect shape!

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