When was the last time your AC unit had a checkup? Just like you need to visit the doctor and get your car’s oil changed, your AC unit needs periodic checkups too, so it can perform at its maximum efficiency. The best time of year for an AC checkup – especially here in sunny Phoenix – is right before the summer months, when your AC units are preparing to work their hardest.

Scheduling a preseason checkup with one of our certified technicians has many benefits, including:

  • Checking for damage and the early signs of parts that are wearing down or operating poorly
  • Ability to replace parts before the heat of the summer
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Ensure that everything is running to its best ability, resulting in fewer breakdowns and future repairs
  • Prolonged life of the system
  • Increased comfort
  • Ensure refrigerant levels are correct for maximum cooling
  • Keep coils clean and confirm duct work isn’t damaged
  • When your system is running how it was designed, it cools your space the best. During the preseason checkup, if our technicians discover that your system has been installed incorrectly, we can correct it before something breaks, which prolongs the overall life of your system. We believe that conducting a preseason checkup is the best opportunity for individuals and businesses to get the most out of the systems they already own.

    We want to help bring that opportunity to you. Schedule your preseason checkup today.


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